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Ihlamur Summer Palace

Coordinate: 41º03’02.48’’K 29º00’04.58’’D Height: 27 m

Ihlamur Palace can be reached by following Ortabahçe Street across the Maritime Museum in Beşiktaş by a fifteen minutes walking.

Ceremony Kiosk (Ihlamur Palace) and Attendants Kiosk were built by Nigoğayos Balyanin years between 1849 and 1855 into a resort area where Abdülmecid often came and rested. Ceremony Kiosk, which was planned for ceremonies and official businesses, and Attendants Kiosk, which was used by attendants of the sultan were built in an eclectic approach, being inside a pooled garden surrounded by walls. 

Ceremony Kiosk is richly decorated, however, Attendants Kiosk has a more simple decoration. There is a café serving in the garden where the kiosks are located.