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House of the Virgin Mary

Coordinate: 37º54’47.09’’K 27º20’00.28’’D Height: 430 m

House of the Virgin Mary is on the path that extends from Magnesia Gate of Ephesus to Mount Bülbül. The holy house in the south of Ephesus is 8 km away from the ancient city.

Jesus entrusted her mother Mary to his friend and apostle John before the crucifixion. After the crucifixion of Jesus, John brought Mary to Ephesus, one of the biggest cities of the period, thinking that staying in Jerusalem was not safe for her. It is believed that Virgin Mary stayed and died in this house at the slopes of Mount Bülbül. A church was built in this place where Virgin Mary lived after the spread of Christianity; however, it has been forgotten in time.


German Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) gave information about the House of the Virgin Mary by his prophecies. This paralyzed woman gave a detailed description of the region even never visited the region. Thereon, Lazarist priest Eugéne Poulin who was headmaster of Izmir Collage in 1891, assigned a group headed by Priest Yung to investigate it. After long researches, the holy place called “Panaya Kapulu” was found.


The location of the house is peaceful with its beautiful views. The House of the Virgin Mary, has the appearance of a chapel with a cross plan and a small dome. It was destroyed just above the base level when it was found. It has taken the current appearance by repair. Water that comes from the spring at the back of the house flows from fountains in the terraces down the house. It is believed that this water is sacred and healing.