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Hellenistic Period 

Hellenistic Period (330 BC. - 30 B.C.)

Macedonian King Alexander the Great entered Anatolia passing through Dardanelles and won the battle against Persians in 334. Alexander founded a great empire

 extending from Europe to India in the east and to Egypt in the south with the conquests he made. Hellenistic period lasts till the era of the Roman Emperor Augustus, 30 B.C. After the death of Alexander the Great’s empire was divided among generals. An important part of Anatolia entered the administration of Pergamum. During this period, the city of Pergamum was the world’s leading culture and art center.

In science, architecture and art significant progress has been made In Anatolia. Architects became the leader of Roman art. Also, there was a solid foundation of Hellenic culture, a synthesis of Ionic-Anatolian culture in western Anatolia. Rich cities were formed in Southern Anatolia with the development of trade with the eastern Mediterranean. Pergamum and Ephesus were the most important cities in Western Anatolia.However, the wealth lived in coastal parts of Anatolia could not be moved to inland of Anatolia.