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Coordinate: 37º42’51.00’’K 41º24’47.00’’D Height: 485 m

Hasankeyf is located in Batman and 41 km away to the city center. It is adjacent to Tigris River. It is unknown when it was founded. Romans built a castle in the city in 4th century A.D. It was the capital of Hasankeyf branch of Artuqid between 1101 and 1231. The settlement lost its importance in Ottoman period and became a village. There are structure remains such as Great Palace, Small Palace, Ulu Mosque, cemetery, mausoleums, and houses in Hasankeyf Castle. Ruined Ulu Mosque was built at the beginning of 14th century in Ayyubid dynasty. The tower remains of the palace, supposed to be Artuqid period, can be seen. Carrier legs and aqueduct remains of Hasankeyf Bridge on Tigris River still remain. Collapse date of the bridge which was dated to Artuqid period in 12th century is unknown.

El Rizk Mosque, built by Ayyubid sultan Solomon is in state of ruins. It rises as a 

monument with remaining elegant minaret, inscriptions and decorations.

Mausoleum belonging to Zeynel Bey who died in Otlukbeli war against Ottomants still stands in the northwest of the city. Zeynel Bey is the son of Uzun Hasan who made Akkoyunlu a powerful state.