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Hagia Sophia Museum

Coordinate: 41º00’32.93’’K 39º39’46.45’’D Height: 15 m

It was built in Trabzon Emperor Manuel Komnenos I (1238-1263) period. It was converted into a mosque in the following years after being taken over.


The structure exhibiting a beautiful example of late Byzantine Churches has a cruciform plan. The main area is covered with a central dome carried by four marble columns. There is a floor mosaic made in style of opus sectile under this dome.

In the dome, Pantocrator Christ and angels under it reflecting the divine side of the Christ can be seen. Birth of Jesus Christ, Crucifixion, Descent into Hell and Baptism scenes are embroidered on pendents.

Scenes about Adam and Eve are embroidered in the form of reliefs in the southern wall of the church. A single headed eagle motif which is the symbol of Komnenos who ruled 257 years takes place on the keystone of the arch.