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In rural Turkey locals usually eat two meals a day, the 1st at around 11 a.m. and the second in the early evening. In the cities three meals a day is the norm. In urban areas people sit down to meals in the same way as people in the West. However, in villages it is still usual to sit on the floor around a tepsi (low round table) with a cloth spread over one's knees to catch the crumbs.


These days people mostly eat from individual plates, although sometimes there will be communal dishes. Most Turks eat with spoons and forks (rarely with knives).


Like most countries, Turkey has its favoured dishes that only a local could love. Top of the yuck stakes for most visitors must come kokoreç, seasoned lamb intestines wrapped around a skewer and grilled over charcoal.


Işkembe (tripe) soup reputedly wards off a hangover, so do as the locals do and head to an işkembeci (tripe soup restaurant) in the wee hours - maybe not? You might need to seek out koç yumurtası (ram's 'eggs') instead. Served spicy with oregano, they reputedly increase sexual stamina.

You may also want to learn the term for kelle paça (sheep's foot) soup, so you don't accidentally order it in a restaurant.