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Yeşil Mosque and Green Mausoleum

Coordinate: 40º10’53.31’’K 29º04’29.95’’D Height: 248 m

The Mosque which is in Yeşil District was built by Architect Hacı Ivaz Pasha in years between 1419 and 1424 in request of Mehmet I Çelebi. Worship place with a rectangular plan is divided in two with Bursa arch, and these two areas are covered with domes with 12.5 meters in diameter. Ivans open to worship place in direction of east and west. Two minarets of the mosque which’s fountain is under the central dome are renewed.

It contains rich examples of stone carving and tile arts. Tiles covering interior walls and maksoorahs found life in niche with the most beautiful examples of the period.

Yeşil Mausoleum where Mehmet I Çelebi and royal family members lie is in the south of the mosque. Mausoleum covered with turquoise colored tiles is entered from crown door. Interior walls, niche and sarcophagus of Mehmet I Çelebi is covered with tiles.

Madrasa building (Yeşil Madrasa, Sultaniye Madrasa) in the west of the mosque serves as Turk Islamic Art Museum.