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Coordinate: 38º38’55.50’’K 34º50’10.32’’D Height: 1080 m

Göreme’s boundaries are specified by fairy chimneys and perpendicular rocks that are 13 km to Nevşehir. Göreme is an area where Cappadocia Church exists and because of that monastery life was strong in this area.

El Nazar Church is in the left hand side of the Göreme-Müze road. The church that was dated to the end of the 10th century was engraved to the triangular small piece of rock. Inside of the church was decorated with portraits of saints and the scenes including Jesus’ life from his childhood to his miracles. Saklı Church that is near the El Nazar Church is called Saklı (Hidden) because it was explored in 1957. The church that is hard to access has mostly red frescoes. Also fancy cross motifs that cover the ceiling of the church are also very interesting for the visitors.