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Coordinate: 40º54’46.12’’K 38º23’22.31’’D Height: 75 m 

Kerasous city established by Miletus got its name from the wild cherry growing in the region. Hazelnut has an important economical place in Giresun. Giresun hazelnut is also a valuable export product with its high quality. Transhumance which is done for economical purposes is increasingly turning into tourism. Highlands such as Kümbet, Bektas and Kulakkaya that draw attention with their natural beauties gain importance in this sense.

Giresun Castle built by Pontus King Oharnakes is one of the recreation areas of the city. The city can be watched panoramically from here. Giresun Island, 5 km away from the coast, is the only island of Eastern Black sea. There various remains belonging to Byzantine period in here. It is also known as Aretias Island where women warrior Amazons grew according to Greek mythology.