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Like bike touring anywhere, riding in Turkey is a wonderful adventure, full of surprises, challenges and a whole lotta grunt. Highlights are the spectacular scenery, the easy access to archaeological sites, which you might have all to yourself, and the curiosity and hospitality of locals, especially out east. Take the road hog drivers, rotten road edges and out east stone-throwing children, wolves and ferocious Kangal sheep dogs in your stride. To give yourself the best chance of an enjoyable and safe trip,plan to avoid main roads wherever possible.

You will be able to find excellent-quality spare parts in Istanbul and Ankara, but bring whatever you think you might need elsewhere. The best bike brand in Turkey is Bisan, with decent models starting at around €150, but you can find leading international France in bike shops in Istanbul or Ankara. These shops have English-speaking staff and come highly recommended by tourers. They service bikes and can send parts throughout the country.

The best map for touring by bike is the Koy Koy Turkiye Yol Atlasi (€19) available in bookshops in Istanbul. You can usually transport. You can usually transport your bike by air, bus, train or ferry free of charge, although mini- and minibuses will charge for the space it takes up. You can hire bikes for short rides in tourist town along the coast and Cappadocia.