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Galata tower

Coordinate: 41º01’31.95’’K 28º58’26.82’’D Height: 80 

If you follow the Galip Dede Street that goes to Karaköy from the Tunnel, you will reach Galata Tower. It was built on another tower by Genoese in 1348, who settled around Galata in13th century. It constituted the Galata walls in this side, protecting Genoese, and it was nearly functioning as a head tower. The tower also rose while raising the walls in 1446.


It was demolished in level of brick stripes in a severe earthquake in 1509. Architect Murat Bin Hayrettin repaired the tower, so upper than 13 meters belong to Turkish period.

It was used as a dungeon during the Magnificent (1520-1566) period and as an observatory during Murat III (1574-1595) period. It witnessed an interesting event in Murat IV (1520-1566) that Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi flew from the tower by the wings he made himself to Doğancılar in Üsküdar.

Height of the tower is over 60 meters, and base diameter is 16.45 meters. Body wall thickness of 3.75 meters is built from the rubble "stones. Upper floor began to work as a restaurant by adding a lift during the repair of the tower in years between 1964 and 1967. You can watch Istanbul from the balcony in a higher elevation. It attracts many visitors with panoramic views of Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea.