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Fethiye Mosque and Museum

Coordinate: 41º01’22.22’’K 28º56’46.84’’D Height: 61 m

Pammakaristos Monastery Church in Byzantine period, today functions as a mosque and museum. It consists of two churches side by side, one smaller than the other. Main church which is the most important part of it was made by John II Komnenos (1118-1143) and his wife Anna Komnene at the beginning of the 12th century. It was repaired by Michael Glabas who is the nephew of Emperor Michael Palaiologos (1261-1682), in years between 1290 and 1294. After the death of Glabas, his wife Maria built parecclesion which forms the second church in 1315. This parecclesion where tombs of Michael Glabas and Maria are located is a small structure like additional parecclesion of Kariye.


It was converted in to a mosque in 1587 in honor of the conquest of Georgia and Azerbaijan by Murat III (1574-1595), and in memory of the victory its name changed into Fethiye Mosque. It was repaired in 1845 and 1846. After the restoration in years between 1936 and 1938, the small parecclesion turned into a museum, and the main structure is used as a mosque again. Parecclesion contains 14th century mosaics which have a high artistic value in spite of being just a few.