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Generally speaking,entering Turkey by air is pretty painless. The only snack to be aware of is that most people need a ‘visa’ which is really just a stamp in their passport issues at the point of entry. If you fly into the country you must first join the queue to pay for the stamp in your passport before joining the queue for immigration. Rarely do customs officers stop you to check your bags at airports 

Entering the country by land can be more trying. Getting a visa is the same deal but sometimes you can pay for the visa only in Euros or US dollars. And at many of the land border crossing there are no facilities for changing money nor ATMs, so make sure you bring enough to pay for your visa.You may also want to consider having some Turkish lira on you before you get to the border. 

Security on borders which countries to the east (Georgia, Iran, Iraq or Syria) is generally tight so customs officers may want to see what you are bringing in. If you are traveling by train or bus expect to be held  up at the border for 2 to 3 hours -or even longer if your fellow passengers don't have their paperwork in order .


 Make sure your passport will still have at least three months life in it after you enter Turkey.