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Coordinate: 37º54’51.88’’K 40º13’50.26’’D Height: 641 m

Diyarbakır region has become a place for many civilizations for being a natural passage between Anatolia and Iran, Iraq and Syria. One of the oldest settlements of Anatolia was found in Çayönü near Ergani. Çayönü as a settlement since 7500 lived all the phases of the Neolithic Age following first village settlements. The city’s most important works are the Diyarbakır Walls surrounding the old city. Exact establishment date of the city is unknown. The city was surrounded by walls in Roman Emperor Constantius II period. Western walls of the city were demolished between 367 and 375, and they were rebuilt by extending. The walls were built from grey-black basalt stone which is basic construction material of the region The walls are 5 km long and they have 82 bastions. Evli Beden and Seven Sublings bastions as the most beautiful architecture examples of Artuqid period are located in the southwest of the walls. Reliefs on these bastions are very interesting.

Ickale which was surrounded by walls forming the oldest parts is located in the northeast of the castle. A palace of Artuqid period from the beginning of 13th century was discovered during the excavations in Virantepe. Ickale is used as a cultural center after a great restoration.

Ulu Mosque, located in the center of the city, was converted from a church by Muslim Arabs in 639 after conquering the city. It had a major restoration by the order of Great Seljuk emperor Malik Shah in 1091. Many inscriptions belonging to later periods reveal that states ruling the city showed a great importance to the mosque. It resembles Umayyad Mosque in Damascus which was built between 705 and 715.

Must-see places

Diyarbakır City Walls, Great Mosque

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Food: Berries, Cartlak (Liver) kebab, eggplant Meftune, the Stuffed Meatballs, raw meatballs.

Shopping: Handmade carpets, rugs and other various items.