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On the whole, turkey is a challenging destination for disabled( engelli  or özürlü) travelers. Ramps, wide doorways  and properly equipped toilets are extremely rare, Braille  and audio information at sights nonexistent. Crossing most streets  it's particularly challenging; everyone does so at their peril.

Airlines and the top hotels and resorts have some provision  for wheelchair access and ramps are beginning to appear in a few other places but very slowly .

Increasingly, groped kerb  edges are being introduced to cities,  especially in Western Turkey - in cities such as Edirne , Bursa and İzmir They seem to have been sensibly designed. Selçuk, Bodrum and Fethiye have been  identified Is relatively user-friendly towns for people with mobility problems because their pavements and roads are fairly level. Some towns - and even a few service stations) -  now have Toilets adapted for disabled access, but there are the exception not the rule. 

Turkish Airlines  offers 40% Discount to disabled Travelers Who are also eligible for discounts on trains  and at some museums. in Istanbul disabled people are eligible for free bus travel. However to qualify  For these discounts you may have to show a doctor's letter as proof of your disability, however obvious it may seem to you. Tram’s are wheelchair accessible too.


  • 438 disabled friendly blue flag destinations

  • 100 of these destinations fully equipped, with accessible sun beds, umbrellas and sea access

  • So you can fully access the summer and enjoy the endless turquoise