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The train station is about 1.4 km southwest of Ulus Meydanı and 2.5 km north west of Kızılay. Any bus or dolmuş head- ing northeast along Cumhuriyet Bulvarı will take you to Ulus. Many buses heading east along Talat Paşa Bulvarı go to Kızılay and/or Kavaklıdere.

It’s a bit over 1 km from the station to Opera Meydanı; any bus heading east along Talat Paşa Bulvarı will drop you within a few hundred metres if you ask for Gazi Lisesi.

To go from the train station to the AŞTİ otogar, follow the underpass in the train station through a dingy shopping area and eventually you’ll end up at the Maltepe Ankaray station, where you can take the metro to the otogar.