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Wool Carpets

They are woven since 14th century. The most eligible rule is adult sheep wool. Yagcibekir Milas, Döşemealtı, Yahyalı, Taşpınar, Kars, Niğde, Yörük (Nomad), Shirvan, Başmakçı, Konya, Kazak, Sultanhan and Kula are some of them. Un spite of red, dark blue, white, light blue and yellow are used in western and southern regions, beige, brown, black, turquoise and cream are used in Central and Eastern regions.


Wool-Cotton Carpets

In these carpets wefts and warps are cotton and nodes are wool. they are the most durable carpets due to their tights textile. Kayseri, Konya, Ladik and Hereke are the most important regions that these carpets are woven.


Silk Carpets

Breeding of silk worms was started in the fifth century A.D. Having a hundred nodes in a square centimeter, weaving these carpets is one of the hardest branches of carpet art and preparation of strings and weaving can take months. Kayseri and Hereke silk carpets are masterpieces.


Thin Silk Carpets

They are the most requested carpets of collectors. The carpets woven in Hereke are irreplaceable because they are unique and genuine. These carpets having between 225 and 230 knots per square centimeter are priceless. Therefore they are called "the most precious of the World.