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Coordinate: 39º33’00.00’’K 44º05’00.00’’D Height: 1584 m

Dogubeyazit district is approximately 100 km away from Ağrı and it forms a border with Iran. Dogubeyazit as an old center moved to its current location that is 5 km away in 1938. Historical structures are in the old city. The most famous historical monument in here is Ishak Pasha Palace.


Ishak Pasha Palace was completed by Çıldır governer Ishak Pasha between 1784 and 1785 and it was decorated with a modern and progressive understanding. High surrounding walls gives the palace appearance of a castle. The palace draws attention with rich stone work decorations.

In the east side, the first courtyard is entered from a portal showing Seljuk architecture. Some of the service buildings in here are destroyed. The second courtyard is entered from a door across the entrance door. There are service rooms, selamlık, a mosque and a mausoleum located around this courtyard. The mausoleum which was built in Seljuk style draws attention. Colak Abdi Pasha, Ishak Pasa and their relatives are buried in here.

Portal giving entrance to the right side of the courtyard is opened to selamlık structure and mosque. This mosque and its minaret came forward in general view of the palace. One-balcony minaret is built by dark and light stone rows. Harem is entered by a magnificent door in the west of the second courtyard. Haram has two floors and the second floor is destroyed completely.

Mount Ararat, the biggest mountain of Turkey is located in the north of Dogubeyazıt. This elevation which looks magnificent with its snowcapped peak is 5137 meters high. It also draws attention for hill climbing and mountain tourism in this regard. The other peak which is also known as Little Ararat is 3896 meters high. It is believed that Mount Ararat is the mountain where Noah’s Ark ran ashore.