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Mosques in Ankara

The outline of the huge Kocatepe Camii in Kızılay is now the symbol of Ankara. It may be one of the largest mosques in the world but it is also very new. However, Ankara does still have one or two older mosques, and the relics in the Ethnography Museums are poignant reminders of others that have long since disappeared.

Ankara’s most revered mosque is Hacı Bayram Camii, near the Temple of Augustus & Rome. Hacı Bayram Veli was a Muslim ‘saint’ who founded the Bayramiye dervish order around 1400. Ankara was the order’s centre, and Hacı Bayram Veli is still revered by pious Muslims. The mosque precincts are ringed with shops selling religious paraphernalia  (including wooden toothbrushes as used, supposedly, by the Prophet Mohammed). You can buy food to feed the pigeons in the nearby pigeon feeding area (Güvercin Yemleme Alanı).

If you turn left on leaving the hisar and walk downhill past the antique shops you will come to the Arslanhane Camii, which dates back to 1290 and incorporates pieces of old Roman masonry in its walls.