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 Set in a ravine hemmed in between 2 great ridges of rock, bisected by the Yeşilyurt River, lined with fairytale Ottoman houses, Amasya has a certain fantasy air about it, an ethereal quality to the organic loveliness of the location that makes it feel almost as if it shouldn't exist at all. Luckily though, it does.

Locals  show  great  pride  in  their  town,  which  they  are  anxious  to  share  with  any  visitors fortunate enough to come this way.

Capital  of  the  modern  province  of  the  same name, Amasya was once the capital of same name, a great Pontic kingdom. Its dramatic setting complements its numerous historic build- ings, especially the rock-hewn tombs of the kings of Pontus and some fine old mosques and medreses. Against this rugged backdrop, the sensitively restored half-timbered houses seem even more attractive, whether lit by

sunlight or shrouded in snow.

Amasya is also famed for its apples, which give autumn visitors just one more thing to sink their teeth into. A walk along the river can be all you need to fall in love with the places