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Transport Museum - Milli Mücadele Atatürk Konutu Ve Demiryolları Müzesi

Opening Hours 09:00- 17:00

While waiting for a train at Ankara station you may want to take a look at the Railway Museum & Art Gallery (Demiryolları Müzesi ve Sanat Galerisi; ), a small building on platform 1 that served as Ataturk's residence during the War of Independence. Right beside it is Atatürk’s private rail coach, a gift from one Adolf Hitler.

Slightly further away, the Open-Air Steam Locomotive Museum (Açık Hava Buharlı Lokomotif Müzesi; Celal Bayar Bulvarı; admission free) is a collection of slowly rusting vintage engines on the south- western side of the station. To find it, descend the underpass as though you were going to the train platforms, but keep walking straight on. Just before entering the Tandoğan Kapalı Çarşı shopping area, climb the steps to your left, then turn right and continue for around 800 m.

Back opposite the station, the Turkish Aeronautical Association Museum (Talat Paşa Bulvarı; admission free) has a collection of old planes and some aviation displays in the shadow of its landmark parachute tower.