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Çırağan Palace

Coordinate: 41º02’35.56’’K 29º00’52.24’’D Height: 7 m

Wooden mansions with marble-columned façade built by Mahmut II before the palace were demolished by Abdülmecid for the construction of the palace in 1857; however, the project was suspended due to financial difficulties. Abdülaziz, who was brother of Abdülmecit and succeeded him after his death, requested Sarkis and Agop Balyan built Çırağan Palace in between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy in years between 1863 and 1871.

The magnificent structure decorated with many valuable items specially produced for the palace, reduced to ashes in a fire in January 1910; only the body walls remained standing. The other structures of the building on Beşiktaş and Ortaköy side were allocated to schools in Republican era, and they serve the same purpose today. The main palace structure remained in ruins for years and it has rented to a foreign investor after an agreement in 1986. A new hotel building was built in its garden; burnt parts of the palace were restored and allocated as ball hall, ceremony hall and restaurant.