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Church of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) Church

Coordinate: 36º14’40.10’’K 29º59’07.31’’D Height: 9 m

St. Nicholas was put in a marble sarcophagus from Roman period and placed in the church named after him when he died in December 6, 343. A new basilica type church was built over the structure which was destroyed in an earthquake in the 6th century. The church completely destroyed by the Arab invasion from the sea in 1034 was restored by Byzantine emperor Constantine Monomakhos IX and his wife Zoe and surrounded by walls in 1042. A Russian countess by the name of Anna Golicia bought the land during the 1853 Crimean War and the structure had a substantial renovation.

Sarcophagus of St. Nicholas is decorated with beautiful examples of marble craftsmanship. A part of the sarcophagus was broken by merchants from Bari who came to Myra in 1087, and bones belonging to Nicholas were taken to the city of Bari in Italy. Some bones of the saint that could not be taken because of the rush are protected in the Antalya Museum.