Checklist of Alternative Places To Visit In Istanbul


Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar. All great tourist attractions but what about exploring other alternative and hipster things in Istanbul? Then head to some of the most unusual places by the hand of this guide.

Let go of your inhibitions. Many has been written about the typical tourist spots, the ones that goes under the skin of the city and brings you its most interesting sights.

Swim between Europe and Asia in a pool on the sea at Suada Club

Suada Club is a resort complex located on Galatasaray Island, a small island in between Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus. Swimming in the Bosphorus is extremely dangerous, but swimming in a pool on the Bosphorus isn’t. This is something you will not experience anywhere else in the world. Apart from the pool, Suada Club also has 6 restaurants, giving you plenty of options for food. An ideal place to relax with upbeat DJ music, refreshing drinks, and surreal scenery, it is basically heaven on earth. You can easily get to there via a free ferry from Kurucesme Park that shuttles to and from the island, which is located just 165 meters from shore.

Produce colorful patterns at a Turkish Marbling (Ebru) workshop

Turkish paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface deisgn that produces patterns similar to marble. It is a traditional form of art from the Ottoman Empire, particularly with flower designs. If art is something you are interest in, check out the workshop hosted by Les Arts Turc. Learn the secrets to handmade paper marbling techniques. Create your own unique designs on paper, glass, or silk fabrics. This is a unique experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on in Istanbul.

Fall in love with the cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for having lots of cats roaming around the streets. Despite their existence as strays, these cats are fed and sheltered by the public. People love and admire them. No one knows exactly how or when this came to be, but it has been a part of the city’s soul for a long time. Walk around the city, observe the cats, snap some photos, and maybe fall in love with them. If you are an extreme cat lover, you could take the cat obsession to a new level by dining at a cat-theme café. 

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