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Celsius Library

Coordinate: 37º56’20.91’’K 27º20’26.99’’D Height: 15 m

Celsius Library, rebuilt with its magnificent facade, is located at the end of the Kuretler Street.


Construction of this building was started on death of Gaius Celcus Polemaeanus the proconsul (supreme commander) of State of Asia by his son Tiberius Julius Aquila, and upon his death it was completed by his successors in years between 105 and 107 A.D. It is also the mausoleum of Celsius and burial chamber, where sarcophagus is located, is still under the vaulted roof in the main hall.

Two-story facade of the building also reveals the grandeur of Ephesus. Eight columns with Korinth heads forming four pairs in the front are repeated on the upper floor as well. There are four statues of women symbolizing the virtue, knowledge, fate and intelligence of Celcus inside the niches behind the columns.


Main hall of the library consists of a large and high area in the size of 11 meters to 17 meters. Rolls and manuscripts were kept on the shelves in rectangle niches. Two-story gallery rounding in U shape was surrounding the main hall.

Main Street of the city after the Celsius Library is northbound. This street going to Grand Theater is known as Marble Street for being covered with marble blocks during the repair in the 5th century. In the right of this street, a footprint shape was embroidered which is thought to point Love House. Wide area in the west of the street is the Trade Agora of the city, and it has a monumental gate (Mazaeus-Mithridates Gate) with three eyes opening to courtyard of Celcus Library. It was built in 4 or 3 B.C. by Mazaeus and Mithridates, two slaves freed by Agrippa as it is understood from the inscription on the door which is in shape of Triumphal Arch.