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Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Ashab Al-Kahf)

According to legend, during the period when polytheist religion was dominant, seven young men who believed in Christianity took shelter in a cave escaping from the pressure of pagan king. Soldiers who found the cave closed the entrance of the cave with huge rock abandoning the young men to hunger and thirst. These young men fell into their miraculous sleep that lasts for centuries. Shepherds who opened the entrance of the cave and used it as a pound, never noticed sleeping youths.

Youths woke up as if their normal sleeps centuries later. They sent Yemliha to the city to buy some food. Tradesmen reported this young boy who wanted to make purchases with old money. Bishop 

talking to Yemliha announced that a miracle had happened. They sent Yemliha back to the cave. After telling the situation to his friends, they slept again and never woke up.


This cave, on the slopes of Mount Panayir near Ephesus, became a Christian cemetery and a religious center after the 5th century.