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Coordinate: 37º41’24.91’’K 32º51’07.30’’D Height: 1007 m

Çatalhöyük is located in 11 km north of Konya’s Çumra district which formed as east and west settlements. In Çatalhöyük, 14 floor constructions are determined extending to the Neolithic age. Because Çatalhöyük is as a unique example of first settlement, first house architecture and first holly structure, it is the center that enlightens humankind history. With approximately five-six thousand population and more than one thousand house, it was one of the biggest settlements in near east. The houses that was built as block with adobe were single storied and flat-roofed. The houses which have no street between them were lining up as a group around the courtyard. Transportation was carried out via the roofs. This lining up as a group strategy that has no connection to outside was also a primitive defense system.

Houses are formed as a single room, smaller store and cellar. Entrance to these houses that has no door was carried out through the hole in their roof with wooden ladder. These rooms consist of the cedar that was built with dirt which used for sitting and lying and a stove. The family members who died were buried under the cedars with their gifts. Most of the corpses were left for rotting and for comminuting by vultures in outdoor. Later on, the corpses were buried under cedars. The pictures were engraved to the wall of the houses with red ochre.