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Coordinate: 40º44’22.12’’K 31º36’41.62’’D Height: 738 m 

Bolu was established on the ancient city of Bithynion. The city is located on a mountainous and hilly area on Istanbul-Ankara highway. Height of mountains doesn’t exceed 2400 meters. There are many highlands with beautiful views in snowy mountains covered with forests.

Lake Abant in Abant Mountains and rich vegetation around it in 34 km southwest of Bolu are under preservation as a Natural Park. Trout of this recreational area with magnificent nature are also very delicious. There are comfortable hotels around the lake.

Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) National Park, consisting of seven lakes and water flowing to each other from waterfalls, is located in 22 km north of Bolu. It is one of the most attractive places of the city with its stunning natural beauty. Boating in the lakes covered with forests can be enjoyed.

Kartalkaya Ski Center located on Köroğlu Mountains is 54 km away from Bolu. Hotels provide services in the ski resort covered with pine forests. Hot springs in Karacasu which is 5 km away from Bolu are located in the slopes of Mount Seben.

Must-see places

Bolu Museum, Mudurnu and Göynük houses.

Do Not Return Without Doing:

Food: Bolu dishes are famous with the cooks from Mengen. Bean Soup with Yogurt, Imaret Soup, Forest Kebab, Kedi Batmaz, Pasha Rice, Mengen Lamb Stew, Palace Candy, Bolu Bey Dessert.

Shopping: Products of wood carving, Mudurnu needled lace.

Trips: The Abant Lake, Yedigöller, Golcuk, Lake Sülüklü, Bolu Highlands.

Entertainment: Skiing in Kartalkaya.

Activities: Culinary Tourism Festival, Mengen, by the end of the third week of June. Paragliding Festival, Abant, by the end of the third week of July.