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This region covers the northern part of the country and it gets its name from Black sea. Northern Anatolian Mountains just behind the shore reveals the mountainous and hilly structure of the region. Mountains parallel to the shore allow transportation access with historical passes such as Zigana, Kop and Soğanlı.

Sections of mountains reaching the shores are covered with rich forests thanks to Black sea climate with abundant and regular rainfall. It is the region with most common forests.

Community provides a living mostly by farming and fishing. Mechanic agriculture is low because of the partial and scattered agricultural lands. Corn production in coastal areas is common. The most famous fruit of eastern parts of the region is hazelnut. Again, all of the tea production is provided from here, especially Rize. Only coal mine of Turkey is in Zonguldak.

Pristine natural environment and transhumance activities in highlands gain importance in tourism sector.