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Coordinate: 39º07’00.00’’K 27º11’00.00’’D Height: 58 m

Bergama is one of the districts of Izmir and it is 110 km away from it. Ancient city of Bergama was established on a hill at the northern slopes of Bakırçay (Kaikos) valley.

After the death of Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) who ended the Persian domination in Anatolia, Bergama was seized by first Antigonos, then "to Lysimakhos. Lysimakhos, who brought his treasure to Bergama, gave the job to protect the treasure to Philetairos, one of his commanders. Philetairos (283-263 B.C.) who gained the treasure after the death of Lysimakhos developed Bergama and had taken the first steps of the kingdom. It became one of the cultural and art center besides one of the strong countries by establishing a close relationship with Rome during Eumenes II (197-159 B.C.) period. The structures built by Eumenes II made Bergama one of the most beautiful cities of Helen world. Attalus III (138-133 B.C.) left Bergama territory to Roman Empire for not having heirs with his testament.

Must-see places

The ancient city of Pergamon, Asklepieion, Red Hall, the Archaeological Museum, the Pergamon Houses.

Do Not Return Without Doing:

Shopping: Famous textile products especially Pergamon carpets.

Health: Pergamon Springs.

Activity: Pergamon Bazaar, the first week of June