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Coordinate: 36º56’21.49’’K 31º10’21.99’’D Height: 22 m

The road near Belkıs Village connected to Serik turning north in the 30th km of Antalya-Alanya goes to Aspendos. According to a legend, it was founded by colonists from Argos leaded by Mopsos after Trojan War. Remains of Aspendos, which was one of the cities monetized on behalf of itself in the region in the 5th century, survived today belong to Roman period. Famous theater built by architect Zenon in Marcus Aurelius (161-180 A.D.) period, is one of the well preserved theaters from ancient times. Repair of Seljuk Turks has a major role in theater surviving today. Spectators sitting area of the 20.000 seated theater is a half circle and it was divided into two parts by a diazoma (horizontal walking area) in the middle of it. There a five doors providing entrance to the stage of the well preserved stage building.

Remains of stadium in the north, and bath and gymnasium in the south of the 

theater can be seen. The low hill it leans is the acropolis that can be reached by the path from the right of the theater. A beautiful structure with a wide arched entrance is notable. This structure is the building of the basilica in the north where the official business of the city was held. Only base of the structure left in the area with length of 105 meters where commercial business of the city was held. Near the basilica, remains of the fountain, that only front side with niches can be seen, is located.

Also, remains of the Bouleuterion which was used as the parliament building in the north of the fountain can be seen. One of the most important ruins of Aspendos is well preserved aqueduct. 1 km long aqueduct used to bring water from the mountains in the north.