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Coordinate: 37º42’33.08’’K 28º43’24.77’’D Height: 521 m

This ancient city located in the northeast border of Caria region, is near Geyre Village in Karacasu district in Aydın. There is not much information about city before 2nd century B.C. The original fame of this ancient city is the sculpture school and works produced in here besides the magnificent ruins. Sculptures of Aphrodisias came to the fore in entire Roman Empire. A marble workshop was found in excavations between the Temple of Aphrodite and Odéon.

Ancient city was surrounded by 3,5 km long walls. 15 m high hilly area in the south of the city which was basically established on a plateau was Acropolis area. This hill is a mound, first settled in the Early Bronze Age (2800-2200 B.C.). Bath and 10.000 seated theater that some part of it can be seen, are located in the east slope of the Acropolis. Baths of Hadrian (117-118 A.D.) are the biggest structures of Aphrodisias with their ornate façade and big halls in the west of the Acropolis.