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Coordinate: 36º11’56.22’’K 36º10’22.34’’D Height: 211 m

Antakya, as the center of Hatay, was established on the slopes of Mount Habib Neccar. After the death of Alexander the Great, this land was remained within the boundaries of Seleucid Empire founded by Seleucus I Nikator. The emperor established the city of Antioch in years between 305-300 B.C. in name of his son Antiochus Soter. City grew in a short time, and became the center of Seleucus. Antioch joined in Roman territory in 64 B.C., was the biggest city of the empire in the east.

Apostle St. Peter (St. Pierre) came to Antioch to start to spread the religion after the death of Jesus. Establishment of one of the first church here, makes it an important city in terms of Christian history. Saint Peter was the founder and the first priest of Antioch Church.

Unfortunately, most of the structures couldn’t survive today because of the natural disasters such as earthquake, fires and invasions Antioch experienced. Daphne (Harbiye), 7 km away from Antioch, was a famous summer resort in Seleucid and Roman periods. Floor mosaics decorating the houses of wealthy people are display at the Archeological Museum.

Must-see places 

Antakya Archaeology Museum, the Church of St. Pierre.

Do Not Return Without Doing 

Food: Kaytaz Pastry, Stuffed Meatballs, Noah’s pudding, Herise, Hummus, Künefe, and Taylor Dessert. Shopping: Silk weaving products, Laurel Soap.