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Coordinate: 37º56’31.81’’K 27º20’24.79’’D Height: 31 m

Ruins of Ephesus 3 km away from the Selçuk district in Izmir, show how magnificent it was in Anatolia. Ephesus, previously located near the sea, was on the coast of the gulf where Cayster River disembogue to Aegean Sea and on the slopes of Mount Pion. It was moved to the slopes of Mount Koressos (Bülbüldağı) in 6th century B.C. after silt brought by the river filled the port.


This famous ruin of the ancient city of Ionic region was thrown away when Lysimakhos, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, moved the city to the valley between Mount Koressos and Mount Pion in years between 286 and 281 B.C.

Lydia King Kroisos invaded the city in 560 B.C, and then it came under the sovereignty of Persians in the middle of 6th century B.C. Ephesus that Alexander the Great saved from the domination of Persians in 333 B.C., moved to its current location in the administration of Lysimakhos, one of Alexander’s general, after the death of Alexander. Afterwards, city under the administration of Seleucid and Ptolemaic left to Kingdom of Bergama with Apameia Peace Settlement. It was connected to Roman Empire with the testament of Bergama king in 133 B.C. It became the most impressive city of Asia for two hundred years after the development movements started in Augustus (27 B.C.-14 A.D.) period. Ephesus could not reach its former magnificence after being burnt by Goths in 262 A.D.

Saint Paulus visited the city, which was one of the famous seven churches important for Christian history, in 50 A.D. According to local belief, the house where Virgin Mary spent her last days and died by Gospel writer John is near Ephesus. The Church of the Mary in Ephesus hosted the third Ecumenical Council in 431 A.D.

Must-see places

The ancient city of Ephesus, ( Odeion , Temple of Domitian ,Memmius Memorial , Kuretler Street , Temple of Hadrian , Trajan Fountain , Hillside Houses , Celsius Library , Grand Theatre Harbor Street , Church of Virgin MaryRemnant of Ayasuluk Hill (Ruins of the Temple of Artemis; Mosque of Isa Bey, Church of St. John and the Castle in the back)

Ephesus Museum, Church of St. John, Cave of the Seven Sleepers (Ashab Al-Kahf), House of the Virgin Mary.

Activities: Traditional Seljuk-Ephesus Festival, September 01-08. Traditional camel wrestling, the third Sunday of January. Traditional Oil Wrestling, the first Sunday of May.

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