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Anatolian Castle (Anadoluhisarı)

Coordinate: 41º04’56.67’’K 29º04’01.12’’D Height: 3 m

It is in the district it gives its name and Istanbul’s most famous promenade once upon a time where Göksu Stream flows into the Bosphorus. It was built by Bayezid I the Thunderbolt who also aimed to conquer Istanbul like the Conqueror in years between 1394 and 1395.


This first structure consists of a 25 meters high tower with a square plan, and walls surrounding it. Later, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror strengthened this castle with thicker walls and bastions to strengthen the attack power while building the Rumeli Castle. It is closed to visitors.

Castle consists of three big towers, smaller bastions between them and walls. Minaret body seen from the courtyard of the castle remains from the mosque built the Conqueror period and collapsed in 1907. Stage platform next to the minaret hosts concerts of famous artists in summer. There are also cisterns under the platform.


Rumelian Castle is opened to visitors every day except Wednesdays between 09:00 and 16:30. Magnificent view of the Bosphorus can be seen over the walls which can be taken up from the stairs in the courtyard.