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Alaaddin Mosque

It has built in Alaaddin hill which is also a mound in the town centre. The mosque which was built during Seljuk period is the oldest and the biggest mosque in Konya. Its construction started the last period of Mesut (1116-1156), but finished in Keykubad I (1220-1237) period in 1221. In later periods, it has expanded by building additional structures. Marble “mihrap” (niche of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca) placed in during the restoration in 1891. One of the other important parts of this structure is built by using the ebony tree with meshing system. This precious work of art was built by Ahlatlı Hacı Mengim Berti in 1155.

In the North direction of the mosque, eight coffin of eight Seljuk’s sultan lie down.