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Coordinate: 39º12’03.93’’K 29º36’43.63’’D Height: 1007 m

Ancient city of Aizanoi is in Çavdarhisar district, 57 km away from Kütahya. It was the main settlement where Aizanitis lived, connected to Phrygia. It was established on both sides of Çavdarhisar (Rhyndakos) Creek. Two of the four Roman bridges having a passage over the creek are still used today.

Temple of Zeus that the construction was started in Hadrian (117-138 A.D.) period is the best protected temple in Anatolia. It is surrounded by Ionic columns eight on short sides, and five on the long side. There is a place under the temple closed by properly cut stone vault, as it has not been accustomed to.

Stadium and Theater in the northern border of the Aizanoi were built adjacent to each other. Construction that started in 160 A.D. was continued until 3rd century A.D. at intervals.

Bath ruins are located between the Temple of Zeus and Stadium. In front of the baths, there was a courtyard (palaestra) covered with columns to make sports movements. On the bath floor, mosaics describing Satyr and Maenad were excavated.