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Adana Museum

Opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00

Closed on Mondays


The Adana Museum indicates, this is not "just" the building for an archaeological museum: the complex is housing all sorts of museums that so far were strewn all over town (or are newly created).

It is rich in Roman statuary from the Cilician Gates, north ofTarsus . The gates the main passage through the Taurus Mountains, were an important transit point as far back as Roman times. Note especially the 2 nd century Achilles sarcophagus decorated with scenes from the  Iliad. Hitite and Urartian artefacts are also on display.

I have found that on the web one can find all sorts of references to the museums to be moved here, often as if they still are open and at their earlier location. This is true for articles in the Wikipedia (some language versions have been updated), and some maps, even ones that are sold commercially for navigation. In my mind it's wise to first head to the Adana Müzesi, rather than go on a wild goose chase.

A first look at the all-but-one start of the exhibition. The actual first room offers a video on the history of the region, next one enters a room with the world as it once was and some of the earliest finds. A bit further large Hittite finds beckon.