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Greetings can differ depending on gender and how well people know one another. In a formal gathering or when meeting for the first time, men usually shake hands. They shake hands and half-hug each other whether they are close friends or have known each other for a long time. They can also gently touch each other on the back or toss their heads.

When women meet for the first time, they lightly shake hands. They like to hug and kiss each other on the cheek whether they are friends or know each other well.

The way women and men greet each other can differ from person to person. If neither party knows the other, they shake hands lightly. They can touch their cheeks together when offering a handshake or a half hug if they know each other well.

Owing to religious values, some women and men choose not to shake hands. In this situation, it is better to wait for the individual to give you a sign. If they do not extend their hand, simply nod your head and smile as a way of greeting.