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The meaning of circumcision in Turkish customs is the ceremony of boys to join religious communities. It’s a common tradition for boys to be circumcised before starting school in Turkey.

‘As a circumcision dress, a white jacket, shirt and trousers are worn and on it a belt saying “maşallah” is worn. A red or blue cloak, or ribbon is attached to the back of the child, and he wears a crown. There is a custom of touring the boy with the circumcision clothes. At the end of the touring,the child is brought to the decorated bed where the circumcision will be made.While the closest relatives distract the child, circumciser cuts the skin at the tip of the penis and dresses the wound, covers it with cotton and takes the child to the bed. Meanwhile, “Allahü Akbar” and “done and ended, masallah” rhymes are said. The Circumciser tool is a very sharp knife with a clamp. The cut piece isn’t thrown away randomly; it is usually buried near a mosque.

Nowadays, besides the circumcisions in modern hospitals or health centers, these processes continue without changing for years.

After the circumcision, guests go to bed and give gifts, money or gold to the child,