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Turkey is in the temperate zone where four seasons are enjoyed. The Aegean and Mediterranean regions, which are in west and south Anatolia, have Mediterranean climates. Their climate is dry and hot in the summer,then warm and rainy in the winter. The Marmara Region, which is further north, has cooler summers, while winters are colder.

The coastal part of the Black Sea region, which is in northern Anatolia, has a rainy temperate climate. Rainfall rates increase in the eastern regions, especially around Rize, which is the rainiest city with 2500-3000 mm annually.

In the inner parts of Anatolia steppe climate characteristics are seen, with little rainfall,hot summers and cold winters. The Central Anatolia Region has the minimum rainfall rate with an average 250 mm rainfall.

East Anatolia sees the most severe winters. Summers are quite warm in the Southeast Anatolia Region.