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Konya which was known as Iconium during the Roman period is the biggest province of Turkey. Turks had entered the Anatolia in 1071, and the founder of Anatolian Seljuk Empire Suleiman Shah had conquered the city in a short time. After chosen as the capital of the Seljuk Empire, the city developed and became an important cultural center.

For a long period of time, the city was the capital of Anatolian Seljuk’s and The Karamanids. During this period, Konya became art-culture center and it was decorated by precious structures. The oldest structure of this period is the Mosque of Aladdin” which exists "on the Aladdin hill in the Centrum. Presently, this area is a nice resting place (park) surrounded by trees. In this park, you can visit the ruins of summer houses which belong to Seljuk period. You can visit the Madrasah which also belongs to that period around the park.

In 1288 Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi who had a spreading out fame that stared in the 13th century and reached from local areas to the worldwide, has settled in Konya. Mevlana Museum which includes the tomb of him was the heart of Mawlawi Order and this museum is one of the important structures in Konya which must be visited.

Another famous person who lived in this land in 13th century is Nasrettin Hodja (1208-1284) who was a Turkish wise man lived in Akşehir. The smart jokes identified by him make you think while you laugh. In his jokes, he expresses the mistakes and hitches in the community. 

He has been so popular that the jokes occurred after him are appropriated for him. When he died, he buried in Seljuk graves in Akşehir and later on, his grave converted into a mausoleum.

Must-see places

Mevlana Museum, Karatay Madrasah, Ince Minaret Madrasa, Sırçalı Madrasah.

Do Not Return Without Doing

Food: Meat Bread, Oven Kebab, Arabaşı soup, Tandoori Pie, Kömbe.

Shopping: Woven carpets and rugs in the villages of Konya.

Trips: Ivriz Rock Memorial where relief’s of Late Hittite period are and Çatalhöyük can be visited.

Activities: Mevlana Commemoration Ceremony, December. Nasrettin Hodja Festival, Aksehir, July.