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Coordinate: 38º25’07.86’’K 27º07’43.39’D Height: 4 m

Bayrakli site was the first region Smyrna (former Izmir) was established 3000s B.C. Settlement covering a tight area was moved to slopes of Mount Pagos (Kadifekale) after Alexander the Great conquering it in 334 B.C, and foundation of the new city was laid. Izmir, as the biggest city of Aegean region and third biggest city of Aegean region and third biggest city of Turkey, was also the most important port city of Anatolia in Ottoman period. The port lent to shelter and protection, and easy transportation links with inner parts of the country led the city to become a trade center. It’s still one of the biggest export ports of Turkey.

Must-see places

Archaeological Museum, The Clock Tower, Kadifekale.

Do Not Return Without Doing

Food: it has very rich dishes such as Izmir Meatball, Izmir donuts, Pastor Stew, rice Pudding, Spaghetti, Radika Salad.

Shopping: Shopping at Kemeraltı Bazaar and Kızlarağası Han. Modern shopping centers at Cumhuriyet Street, Karsiyaka and Alsancak.

Trips: Kültürpark, Izmir Bird Paradise.

Activities: International Izmir Jazz Festival, the first half of March. International İzmir Arts Festival, between June and July. International Izmir Fair, in August.