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Coordinate: 40º10’57.18’’K 29º04’00.79’’D Height: 242 m

Bursa, one of the developed cities in Turkey, was surrounded by walls in Bithynia king Prusais I (232-192 B.C.).

The first name was the city was also Prusa. Bursa came under domination of Roman Empire after Bithynia Kingdom adhered to Roman Empire in 74 B.C.

Ottomans who took over the city in 1326 made it the capital and built religious and commercial structures. All the mausoleums of the sultans till Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror are in Bursa.


Bursa is an attractive city to domestic and foreign tourists with healing waters and natural beauties in Çekirge which is used until Romans besides its historical structures. Uludağ in the south of "the city is the center of winter tourism in Turkey with the adequacy of accommodation facilities.

Must-see places

Ulu Mosque, Green Mosque and Green Tomb, Cumalikizik Village.

Do Not Return Without Doing

Food: Iskender Kebab, İnegöl Meatball, Kemalpaşa Dessert, Chestnut Candy.

Shopping: "Purchasing famous silk fabrics of Bursa. Shopping in Historical Grand Bazaar and the hans

Trips: Yenikoy, Oylat, Suuçtu, Gümüştepe are major recreation areas.

Entertainment: Skiing in Uludag.

Health: Spa experience in Çekirge.

Games: History and Hacivat Karagoz, heroes of historical shadow play, are the most famous characters of Bursa.