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Coordinate: 36º53’08.09’’K 30º42’11.86’’D Height: 22 m

Attaleia (Attalos), which was founded by Pergamum king Attalos II in 159 B.C. in Kaleiçi site, was called Adayla, then Antalya after passing into the hands of the Turks. It remained independent for a while after the withdrawal of Pergamum Kingdom (133 B.C.) from the stage of history, then passed into the hands of pirates. It was added to Roman territory by Servilius Isauricus in 77 B.C.


Antalya is Turkey’s most famous tourism center. Kaleiçi built over the remains of the ancient city behind the marina contains a very rich historical heritage. In this region where ethnic diversity has lived for centuries, houses that reflecting the old way of life is important. The area under protection was converted into an accommodation-resort-entertainment center after various restorations.

Mediterranean climate providing appropriate sea water temperatures and natural beaches with find sand make Antalya the center of sea tourism. Sand and gravel are mixed in Konyaaltı Beach which is 1,5 km long just 3 km away west of Antalya. Beaches such as Lara, Karpuzkaldıran, and Kundu consist of fine sand are aligned 12 km away from Antalya in the eastern coastline. Lara-Kundu region is a tourism area where touristic facilities concentrated.


Alternative entertainment varieties and activities can be experienced in Beach Park established in Konyaaltı beaches. You can enjoy the water in waterfall pools, slides consist of open and closed types in Aqua Land inside the Beach Park that all kind of needs can be met; you can watch dolphin shows in Dolphin Land

Antalya as a holiday center has a high accommodation capacity with holiday villages, hotels, motels and hostels. Rich ancient cities such as Perge, Aspendos, and Side in the vicinity increase the appeal of the region. Karain Cave located in Yağca Village 30 km away from Antalya shows that it witnessed the settlement movement starting from Paleolithic period to Prehistoric period. This cave was used as a worship and sacrifice place in Hellenistic and Roman periods. Finds gathered in here are exhibited in Antalya Museum and in the small museum in front of the cave.


In Antalya where Seljuk works are also important, Karatay Madrasah built by Seljuk Vizier Jalaleddin in Kaleiçi in 1250 is in type of two iwans. Evdir Han (18 km) near Korkuteli road, Kırgız Han (30 km) on Burdur Road is the 13th century Seljuk works bearing rich motives of stone labor.


Antalya Airport 10 km east of the city is open to international air traffic.

Must-see places

Old Antalya houses of Kaleiçi, Fluted Minaret, Antalya Museum, the Karain Cave, Düden and Kurşunlu Falls.

Do Not Return Without Doing

Food: Diced lamb fried on iron plate, Tandoori 

Kebab, Shish Meat Balls, Salad, Dessert of the Arabs, Burn Cream, Jam.

Trips: Ancient cities such as Termessos, Perge and Aspendos around Antalya can be visited.

Entertainment: Konyaaltı and Lara Beaches are the most famous beaches of Antalya. Various activities can be performed in Beach Park.

Activities: Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, October 1-5. Konyaaltı Carnival and Summer Festival, the first week of August