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Ankara, the capital of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey, is a modern city established in the center of Anatolia. Although, it has witnessed settlements since Paleolithic Ages, the first major settlement starts with Phrygia period. Many tumuli around Anıtkabir and remains excavated from various parts of Ankara indicate that the region witnessed an important Phrygia (750-500 B.C.) settlement. Name of Ankara during this period was Ankyra which means ship anchor.

The region was called Galatia after being seized by Galats who came from Balkans in 266 B.C. Galatia bounded to Pergamum Kingdom in 183 B.C. and to Rome in 25 B.C., thus it became the capital of the region during this period. The city that civil and military structures were built in Roman period, lived its heyday in 1st and 2nd century A.D.

Turks who entered Anatolia in 1071, dominated Ankara two years later. It was named Engürü from this period. Istanbul, capital of Ottoman Empire which lost in World War I, was invaded in March 16, 1920, and the parliament was also closed. Thereon, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk determined the center of Independence War that he started in 1919 after gathering Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) in April 23, 1920. With the success of Independence War, Ankara became capital in October 13, 1923 and republic was proclaimed in October 29.

Must-see places 

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ataturk’s Mausoleum , Temple Of Augustus GORDIUM (YASSIHÜYÜK)

Do Not Return Without Doing  

Food: Ankara Fry, Alabörtme, Calla, Kadınbudu Meatballs, Omaç Soup, Toyga Soup, Bici rice, Altüst Pastry, Moon Pastry, and Entekke Pastry. 

Shopping: Large shopping centers such as Ankamall, Arcadium, Atakule, Carrefour and Karum can be visited. 

Trips: Ankara Abdi Ipekci Park, Altinpark, Botanical Gardens, Göksu Park, Wonderland, Swan Park, Atatürk Forest Farm are the main recreational areas. Around Ankara, Kizilcahamam-Soguksu National Park which is famous for its healing waters, 75 km away, Beynam Forests in Bala, Çubuk Dam Lakes, Lake Mogan, Lake Eymir and Salt Lake can visited. 


Health: Kizilcahamam Springs and Ayas Springs are the main spring locations. 

The most famous animals of Ankara: Ankara cats, Ankara Goat, Ankara rabbits. 

Activities: Ankara being capital city, 13th October. 

International Ankara Music Festival, April. 

Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival, May. 

International Ankara Cartoon Festival, May. 

International Ankara Theatre Festival November. 

Ankara Film Festival, October.